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Type-A Parent Conference Wrap Up – A Sponsor’s Perspective

10.03.13 Posted in agencies, bloggers, blogging, communities, conferences, type-a parent by

Another year, another opportunity for Large to take a client to the best blogging conference and community in the world — the Type-A Parent Conference (#typeacon).  In case you’ve never heard of Type-A Parent, or the original Type-A Mom Kelby Carr, the conference is in its fifth year of existence and hosts 500 attendees over the […]

Do Agencies Actually Do Work Anymore?

09.10.13 Posted in agencies by

You’re probably thinking that this is another post bashing the big agency model and questioning the value they provide to clients – and you are right if you’re thinking that. It’s not that there isn’t value in a big agency. I mean, after all, they have OFFICES where you do, right? Of the marketing P’s, […]

Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work

03.01.13 Posted in agencies by

Jason Fried, co-founder of 37Signals (disclosure: we use their tools), has a terrific talk about work and why traditional offices just don’t work anymore. This concept — the fact that the traditional office doesn’t work — is actually the foundation of our agency. Well, that and aside from the massive overhead, inflated hourly rates and P&L […]

Fake Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers — And the Implications for Brands

09.18.12 Posted in advertising, agencies, ethics, facebook, twitter by

There’s been a lot of talk about Twitter followers lately, including both presidential candidates, celebrities, musicians and the like utilizing services to game their numbers. Specifically, a lot of the “Top 10″ have been found to have a substantial amount of fake followers, in some case to the point where 70% of their following is […]

Facebook’s Changes Means Digital Agencies Should Thrive

09.24.11 Posted in agencies, facebook, Social media by

Thursday the bomb was dropped at f8 that Facebook is going to be ditching the Like in favor of user actions and passive updates, meaning that when you engage with apps and have the “Add to Timeline” feature enabled it will automatically update your Timeline with what you’re doing (for an example of this, check […]

Reverb Communications Busted By The FTC For Astroturfing

08.27.10 Posted in agencies, astroturfing, ethics, itunes, Large Blog by

Last year TechCrunch outed PR firm Reverb Communications for astroturfing in the iTunes app store on behalf of their clients. As it turns out, the FTC took notice and recent revealed that they settled with the firm that posted misleading reviews of their clients products. As someone that’s been intimately involved with the Word of […]

Old Spice Social Media Buzz Doesn’t Equal Sales

07.23.10 Posted in advertising, Advice, agencies, business, Large Blog, marketing, social media, twitter by

For the longest time I used to think that PR agencies didn’t get social media. “Give me impressions!” was the public relations mantra because it meant that they could easily transfer their knowledge of publication circulation multipliers into the emerging field called “social media”. Screw the long tail, screw review web sites, screw message boards […]

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