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Reverb Communications Busted By The FTC For Astroturfing

08.27.10 Posted in agencies, astroturfing, ethics, itunes, Large Blog by

Last year TechCrunch outed PR firm Reverb Communications for astroturfing in the iTunes app store on behalf of their clients. As it turns out, the FTC took notice and recent revealed that they settled with the firm that posted misleading reviews of their clients products. As someone that’s been intimately involved with the Word of […]

Who cares if the community likes it, we went viral!

06.26.08 Posted in astroturfing, gatorade, george parker, Large Blog, viral marketing, viral videos by

The concept of viral videos has been played to death. I’ve made it very clear that unless it increases sales or drives action they are absolutely pointless. “But Dave, they break through the clutter of a crowded marketplace!”, you might say. Fair enough. The latest video to make the rounds is the fake minor league […]

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