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Truth in Advertising

10.09.09 Posted in advertising, authenticity, blogging, fraud, FTC, Google, Large Blog, quantcast, speaking by

Last week Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending, networking, connecting and speaking at the Type A Mom conference in Asheville, NC. Kelby Carr did an amazing job and I was proud to bring my clients to the conference to help support the blogging community. One of my panel sessions was called “Working […]

PayPerPost censors bloggers

10.25.07 Posted in authenticity, blogger ethics, payperpost, posties, transparency, WOMMA, word of mouth by

Reading a recent thread by a mom blogger on the PayPerPost message board has revealed a shocking revelation: PayPerPost will not let it’s employees, or “Posties” as they’re called, write about anything they don’t purchase. Full disclosure: This was brought to my attention because a colleague worked on a recent campaign and was emailed by […]

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