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Understanding Ethical Blogger Relations

08.16.12 Posted in blogger ethics, blogger relations, blogging, FTC, WOMMA by

I can’t believe I’m writing this post in 2012 but as recent events have come to light apparently some advice about ethical blogger relations needed to be published as a reminder of what it means work with bloggers the right way. And by “right way”, I’m not even going to touch myriad of “Don’t call […]

Ethics, Social Networks and Make up

01.03.08 Posted in blogger ethics, disclosure, facebook, Large Blog, loren feldman, myspace, plaxo, robert scoble, social networks, twitter, word of mouth by

After watching Loren Feldman’s live show tonight, I’ve decided that I don’t want to bother discussing the Facebook/Robert Scoble incident. There’s nothing more to say than this – the site has terms of service and if you break them you can get your account deleted. Or in this case suspended and then reinstated. And Plaxo […]

PayPerPost censors bloggers

10.25.07 Posted in authenticity, blogger ethics, payperpost, posties, transparency, WOMMA, word of mouth by

Reading a recent thread by a mom blogger on the PayPerPost message board has revealed a shocking revelation: PayPerPost will not let it’s employees, or “Posties” as they’re called, write about anything they don’t purchase. Full disclosure: This was brought to my attention because a colleague worked on a recent campaign and was emailed by […]

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