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Type-A Parent Conference Wrap Up – A Sponsor’s Perspective

10.03.13 Posted in agencies, bloggers, blogging, communities, conferences, type-a parent by

Another year, another opportunity for Large to take a client to the best blogging conference and community in the world — the Type-A Parent Conference (#typeacon).  In case you’ve never heard of Type-A Parent, or the original Type-A Mom Kelby Carr, the conference is in its fifth year of existence and hosts 500 attendees over the […]

Understanding Ethical Blogger Relations

08.16.12 Posted in blogger ethics, blogger relations, blogging, FTC, WOMMA by

I can’t believe I’m writing this post in 2012 but as recent events have come to light apparently some advice about ethical blogger relations needed to be published as a reminder of what it means work with bloggers the right way. And by “right way”, I’m not even going to touch myriad of “Don’t call […]

Don’t Blame Bloggers — or BlogHer — If Your Campaign Fails

08.11.11 Posted in Advice, blogging, blogher, conferences by

This past weekend was the largest blogging conference in the world, BlogHer, where an estimated 3500 bloggers and brands descended into San Diego for an extended weekend of schmoozing, networking, pitching, parties, late nights and drinking (Hey, I have to be honest here). It’s a chance for many of those in the blogging community, from […]

Truth in Advertising

10.09.09 Posted in advertising, authenticity, blogging, fraud, FTC, Google, Large Blog, quantcast, speaking by

Last week Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending, networking, connecting and speaking at the Type A Mom conference in Asheville, NC. Kelby Carr did an amazing job and I was proud to bring my clients to the conference to help support the blogging community. One of my panel sessions was called “Working […]

The Economy, Ethics, Blogs and Marketing

12.13.08 Posted in blogging, izea, john bell, kmart, Large Blog, marc meyer, ogilvy, pay per post, WOMMA by

There’s a hot debate over on Twitter this morning today regarding the K-Mart/IZEA/Blogger campaign and the ethics of bloggers taking money to write posts. Marc Meyer’s Direct Marketing Observations blog has a good post documenting the discussion. I’m re-posting my response to the question here: It’s definitely a slippery slope. Does anyone *really* know the […]

Loren Feldman on “Why you should blog”

10.27.08 Posted in blogging, facebook, friendfeed, Large Blog, loren feldman 1938media, twitter, yo gabba gabba by

Loren Feldman from 1938media has a great talk posted over on his site from Blog08 where he tells the crowd to keep blogging (creating content). If you want to understand why Wired was wrong when they declared blogging is dead and what all the rage is with services like Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed (validation), watch […]

The AdAge Power150 Needs Serious Rethinking

12.20.07 Posted in blogging, power150, rick roll by

Ok, ok. You’re probably on the Top 150 list that AdAge started publishing a few months ago. It’s supposedly a “who’s who” of Communications bloggers based on a ranking system — a metric, if you will. And like any other metric you have to ask “What are we trying to measure?” and then “What is […]

Evolution and how it’s killed my RSS reader

11.05.07 Posted in blogging, evolution, kansas jayhawks, ny times, rss by

Evolution. No, I’m not going to get all Kansas, err, pro-creationism on you here (Shout out to Amanda’s 9-0 Jayhawks, though) — I’m talking about the natural progression to a different stage… one that’s better, we’d all hope. I’ve been going through my Reader and dropping several blogs. It’s not because I’m negative and predicting […]

Promoting small businesses with a blog

09.27.07 Posted in blogging, marketing, ny times, podcast, small business by

It was brought to my attention that the NY Times published an article a few weeks back about the benefits of small business blogging. They offer some great tips, so it’s definitely a worthwhile read. If you’re into the audio version you can listen to the podcast I did in April of 2006 on the […]

Sony Electronics enters the blogosphere

07.22.07 Posted in blogging, playstation, Sony by

From Josh Bernoff at Forrester, Sony has made it’s third second foray into the blogosphere with the “Sony Electronics Blog”, located at the dreadfully hard to remember URL of In my mind this blog is much needed and will hopefully address the customer service and quality problems that have plagued the brand in recent […]

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