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LMAO @ Jakob Nielsen

07.11.07 Posted in blogging, gm, jakob nielsen, sun, wikipedia by

I’m going to make this short and sweet just to prove a point: Jakob Nielsen has lost it. You can stop reading now since you’re stupid and aren’t considering buying anything based on reading a blog. That’s basically the point of Jakob’s article – blogging isn’t worth a company’s time. I need to preface this […]


05.24.07 Posted in blogging, european cup by

I’m back in the States from Italia, well rested where among other things I bonded with my company’s global senior management team, watched AC Milan win the European Cup in futbol (that’s soccer for you Yanks), drank plenty of vino and am convinced I’m the tallest man in Italy (who would’ve thought it would be […]

Leadership means a first round exit

05.05.07 Posted in blogging, dirk nowitzki, leadership, mark cuban, micropersuasion, nba, nba playoffs, steve nash by

Well, after arguing some months ago, both Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki (and Mark Cuban) are watching the second round of the NBA Playoffs from home. Or at least not participating in them. I remember someone comparing blogging to Dirk’s work ethic and effort to step up his game, a move that undoubtedly will lead […]

You forgot Poland blogs

04.30.07 Posted in blogging, driving traffic, seo, usability, wall street journal, web design by

Today’s Journal has a special section on how to drive traffic to your website, and it omits the use of blogs as tool for SEO and building loyalty. In fact, most of the articles in the section seem like they’re straight out of 1999. If they want to help business owners they should have included […]

Most corporations shouldn’t blog? Hogwash!

04.28.07 Posted in blogging, dilbert by

BL referenced a Dilbert cartoon about blogging and added reasons to the list of why most companies shouldn’t blog. Today’s entries include: 1 – every post has to be vetted by legal or PR. It won’t ring true.2- you’re not prepared to allow any negative comments. Blogs are not monologues.3- the purpose of your blog […]

PR, food, blogs… and sweat

03.01.07 Posted in blogger relations, blogging, ethics, kathryn newton, new media, paul cheney, prsa, tina honer by

I’m blogging from the PRSA Food & Beverage chapter conference in Charleston, South Carolina. Today’s sessions included product launches, new media, organics and sustainable agriculture, and coming up is a meet and greet with the media (drinks, anyone?). It’s not surprising that last night’s pre-conference meal and today’s lunch were both outstanding. I mean, this […]

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