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An Invitation to Get Large

07.12.11 Posted in business, news by

A press release went out this morning announcing that I’m dedicating myself full time to Large Media. Having worked in digital marketing for the past 15 years, I’ve had the great fortune of counseling and executing award winning strategies, programs and work for some of the world’s largest brands and agencies. I’ve also had the […]

Old Spice Social Media Buzz Doesn’t Equal Sales

07.23.10 Posted in advertising, Advice, agencies, business, Large Blog, marketing, social media, twitter by

For the longest time I used to think that PR agencies didn’t get social media. “Give me impressions!” was the public relations mantra because it meant that they could easily transfer their knowledge of publication circulation multipliers into the emerging field called “social media”. Screw the long tail, screw review web sites, screw message boards […] Grasping at Straws on .co Domains

07.21.10 Posted in Advice, business, Large Blog by

For those who may’ve missed it, a new top level domain (TLD) was released yesterday called “.co”. Surprisingly, a site and magazine I respect, went with a blog post advising readers to “run, don’t walk” to buy your .co domain today. Don’t fall for it, this is yet another domain registrar ploy and is […]

Fast Company’s Influence Project Is A Complete Sham

07.08.10 Posted in advertising, business, Large Blog, marketing, social media by

For anyone following this meme on Twitter, Fast Company recently launched a site called “Influence Project”, where they’re essentially pitting online “influencers” against one another to vote for their influencer ranking. The Project is being pushed left and right on Twitter and Facebook and I’m sure elsewhere, but at this point I’ve tuned out from […]

Calling BS on FastMall Hype

02.27.10 Posted in business, Mobile, social media by

There’s a story on Mashable about a new iPhone app called FastMall that provides maps of malls and even lets people check in, a la Foursquare. As Christina points out, this might be useful if it can scale into other location-based locations, such as amusement parks. That being said, the research I’ve seen around travel […]

Why Foursquare Will Trump Twitter

02.08.10 Posted in business by

If you scan blogs and read MSM for news you would think Twitter was used by everyone under the sun and Facebook was a close second. the reality is that Facebook just eclipses the 400 million user mark – and unlike Myspace, there aren’t very many dormant accounts inflating that number. Steve Rubel points out […]

Fact: Social Media Can’t Save Your Business

01.12.10 Posted in Advice, business, Large Blog, social media by

I have been wanting to write this post for a while now after reading someone say that Dell is a case study for how companies should engage in social media. For shits and giggles I decided to look at Dell’s stock price, which once traded as high as $42 a share and now hovers around […]

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