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Sportscenter ad shows CGM isn’t always the way to go

03.03.08 Posted in advertising, CGM, Large Blog, sportscenter by

In a departure from the regular “This is Sportcenter” ad format, the current spot for SC doesn’t feature a high profile athlete or famous mascot, but instead offers viewers the opportunity to vote on having one of two anchors read the next highlight, or, option “C”, watch a cockatoo slam dunk a basketball. Michael David […]

CG-Dunk? NBA star Rudy Gay uses YouTube for dunk ideas

02.17.08 Posted in CGM, dwight howard, Large Blog, memphis grizzlies, nba slam dunk competition, orlando magic, rudy gay, YouTube by

Study: Senior marketers afraid to “let go”

06.24.07 Posted in CGM, Manning Selvage Lee, Mark Hass, MSL, PRWeek, social media by

Last week my employer, MS&L, and PR Week did a study among senior marketers asking if they thought CGM was very important to their marketing platforms. Just 12% thought it was. You might be saying “Well, 12% is pretty high, Dave.” I’m not disagreeing with that, but this was the kicker: The survey also indicated […]

Now THIS is what they meant by CGM

06.18.07 Posted in advertising, CGM, youtube remixer by

Via Mashable, YouTube has launched ReMixer. Powered by Adobe, the Remixer is very similar to Photobucket’s remixing tool. Let’s do some simple math: 1. Brands upload commercials (a la Nike “Second Coming” clips) to YouTube2. Fans make their own commercials3. Friends and other fans view the ads and like ‘em4. (optional) Smart brand managers get […]

Advertising still clueless on CGM

05.26.07 Posted in advertising, CGM, dj easy rock, heinz, mr clean magic eraser, rob base by

If you read my Nike post you might have thought “Dave, you’re a nut. No brand is going to go all in and let someone create their ad”. This is where you’re wrong and, taking it a step further, so are ad agencies for trying to pretend the “get it”. See, Heinz is running a […]

It’s illegal to shill in the EU

02.12.07 Posted in CGM, EU, european union, reviews by

From the Times: Hotels, restaurants and online shops that post glowing reviews about themselves under false identities could face criminal prosecution under new rules that come into force next year. Businesses which write fake blog entries or create whole wesbites purporting to be from customers will fall foul of a European directive banning them from […]

Sure, it’s “user generated” – but who’s the user?

02.10.07 Posted in advertising, CGM, doritos, superbowl ad by

Ben McConnell over at the Church has a great post today about the CGM craze that has Madison Avenue salivating. I’m not going to go all Bob Garfield on y’all and critique the ads — or even Andrew Keen, who says they should leave it to the professionals) — because the quality of the ad […]

This just in: Word of mouth influences people

01.10.07 Posted in automotive, CGM, influencers, sally falkow, travel, word of mouth by

A study from tells those of us who engage in word of mouth already know – it changes minds and influences decision making in the purchasing process: To isolate the effect of CGM, Compete surveyed automotive and travel buyers who had made a purchase within the past six months and who had visited a […]

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