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Leadership means a first round exit

05.05.07 Posted in blogging, dirk nowitzki, leadership, mark cuban, micropersuasion, nba, nba playoffs, steve nash by

Well, after arguing some months ago, both Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki (and Mark Cuban) are watching the second round of the NBA Playoffs from home. Or at least not participating in them. I remember someone comparing blogging to Dirk’s work ethic and effort to step up his game, a move that undoubtedly will lead […]

A question of leadership

02.13.07 Posted in dirk nowitzki, dwyane wade, leadership, mark cuban, miami heat, nba by

I’ve noticed a lot of criticism lately centered around the concept of leadership. Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade questioned Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki’s leadership after Dirk said that Miami didn’t win the NBA title last year, rather the Mavs lost it. Mark Cuban blasted D. Wade, questioning his leadership, even going as far as to […]

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