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More Ebay data stolen, but look – free listings!

09.25.07 Posted in ebay, fraud, hacking by

A Romanian hacker has once again gotten through the dreaded Ebay security and posted 20 pages of members’ credit card information on an Ebay forum before the company realized what was going on and pulled the plug on the board. Not only did they post the actual credit card numbers, but also the 3 digit […]

Friday evening fun on Ebay

09.08.07 Posted in ebay, jesus pancake, weird al yankovic by

Remember back in the day when browsing Ebay used to take hours of your time? Well, since it’s height of popularity it appears most of the world’s useless junk has traded hands enough times to make the current stuff boring. I mean, we’ve all seen the “creative” listings that make “The Pulse” on Ebay, the […]

Ebay encouraging Sellers to scam retail stores

08.28.07 Posted in ebay, ebay power sellers, ecommerce, scam by

An email/newsletter went out recently to Ebay Power Sellers, encouraging them to stock up on holiday items for their Ebay Stores by purchasing brand new items from brick and mortar stores. The article, entitled “Sourcing for Profitability”, had a tip called “Returns means low risk”. Yep, you read it right – Ebay is telling its […]

Own a piece of history – the world’s second unlocked iPhone

08.24.07 Posted in ebay, geohot, george hotz, iphone, unlocked by

George Hotz is running an Ebay auction for the world’s second unlocked iPhone. His blog details the ten steps it took to do it. This second (his person phone is the first) phone can be yours (currently) for a mere $2,175. Better yet, you could just follow the steps on his blog, unlock it yourself […]

Ebay opens up Kijiji to compete with Craigslist

07.04.07 Posted in ebay, google ads, kijiji by

Move over free sex classified sites, Ebay’s coming to your suaree and bringing the punch. They’ve opened up a site called Kijiji to the U.S. to compete with Craigslist, the other big free classifieds site and property which Ebay holds a 25% stake in. As the NY Times notes, Kijiji is the #1 classifieds site […]

Ebay bought Epinions, still not sure what to do with it

05.06.07 Posted in consumer reviews, ebay, emanuel rosen, epinions by

Ebay’s purchase of Epinions has a lot of sellers wondering what the hell is going on. To be more specific, Ebay is now asking buyers to rate sellers based on multiple factors, including accuracy of item description, communication, speed of shipment and “reasonable shipping charges”, which is completely arbitrary. Apparently Ebay used the European Union […]

Ebay forces sellers into broken app

04.04.07 Posted in ebay, ebay forums, turbo lister by

Ebay announced the launch of TurboLister 2 (TL2), with today being the end date for version 1.0. The only problem is that TL2 is buggy and crashes. A lot. A few excerpts from the Ebay forums: “After numerous crashes,lost listing, lost hours, lost time & money, ect back in January- I switched back to turbo […]

Ebay accounts hacked globally

02.22.07 Posted in ebay, me pages, phishing, scam by

The Ebay boards are buzzing with this news: Over more than 700 fake Buy it now listings have been made from existing accounts through a phishing scam on the Ebay Motors site. Yikes. Apparently users were sent questions about existing items and asked to respond by clicking the “Respond Now” button in the email, which […]

Ebay taking on Craigslist

02.13.07 Posted in ebay, PPC by

Ebay announced re-launched their classifieds system today. It’s essentially lead generation tool that people are saying is more expensive than PPC (pay per click) advertising, say, through Google. It might also help for Ebay to actually tell their sellers that this feature is available: “Despite this, many eBay sellers appear to be unaware of Ad […]

Ebay, meet AJAX. AJAX, meet Ebay.

01.16.07 Posted in ebay, usability by

Today the format for listing items on Ebay has changed; rather than having multiple screens for the process, by using AJAX they’ve simplified the process by allowing you to search for the category rather than scroll through several, and once selected putting the usual 5 step process into one dynamic screen. Helpful? You bet. I […]

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