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Strike two for Debbie Weil?

07.26.07 Posted in disclosure, Edelman, ethics, fake steve jobs by

I’m not going to make a big deal out of this because, in all fairness, it may have been out of necessity. And while I grew up in metro Detroit with access to CBC, I don’t know the inner workings of the Canadian media — so it’s possible that they have different rules for disclosure […]

Edelman’s Social Media Top 30 = F*ck the Long Tail

07.20.07 Posted in blogger circle jerk, bullshit, Edelman, jeremy pepper, metrics, Mike Masnick, social media, Techdirt by

The social media explosion, especially to those of us who belong to communities and participate, has shown that people with credibility and a channel have just as much power as those with multi-million dollar ad campaigns. Which is why the recent Edelman Top 30 Social Media Index needs some serious rethinking. If you count the […]

Twitter causes you to start drinking

04.21.07 Posted in Edelman, PC Magazine, public relations, steve rubel, twitter by

Steve Twittered something that he regrets and has offered an apology. Two things I don’t believe about it: 1. Unlike the Twitter post, it’s a late, calculated response, and 2. Unless he’s trying to emulate his CEO, Steve doesn’t drink. Now I’m no PR guy, but common sense would tell you that it’s probably not […]

Blog ethics aren’t a one way street

01.02.07 Posted in Edelman, ethics, micropersuasion, microsoft, strumpette, vista, WOMMA by

I’ve been reading the recent uproar re: the recent Microsoft Vista blogger outreach campaign and wanted to ask a simple question – why aren’t bloggers being outed for their participation or lack of disclosure, and why is it that those who are coming clean are being given a free pass? I can (and do) tell […]

Will “Hosted Conversations” be anything more than selective shilling?

12.20.06 Posted in Edelman, Hosted Conversations, Newsgator by

I’ve emailed Steve and Clickz author Kate Kaye about the new offering from Edelman and Newsgator called Hosted Conversations and am concerned about what I’ve heard (or in this case yet to hear). The concept is simple – show blog posts about advertisers products and services when users hover over a paid advertisement. I get […]

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