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Business Insider Gets It Wrong: Facebook Didn’t Screw An Entire Profession — It Just Backed Itself Into A Corner

12.16.13 Posted in advertising, facebook, Google, marketing, social media, twitter by

An article on Business Insider stated that because Facebook reduced the number of times brand pages would appear in users Newsfeeds that it was “screwing” an entire profession. However, for anyone who’s watched the space evolve, we know this is just the next evolution of one channel — not the end of an entire, albeit […]

Facebook Rabbit Punches Google with “Graph Search”

01.16.13 Posted in facebook, Google, search, social networks by

Yesterday Facebook announced “Graph Search“, which will bring you search results from your friends as well as the ability to connect with likeminded people. While Facebook has a lot of data on you and your friends, and it has great potential, the product is still in beta and will need a lot of work to […]

Fake Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers — And the Implications for Brands

09.18.12 Posted in advertising, agencies, ethics, facebook, twitter by

There’s been a lot of talk about Twitter followers lately, including both presidential candidates, celebrities, musicians and the like utilizing services to game their numbers. Specifically, a lot of the “Top 10″ have been found to have a substantial amount of fake followers, in some case to the point where 70% of their following is […]

Small Businesses Are Hacking Facebook

06.11.12 Posted in facebook, small business, social media by

It’s not news that Facebook has been the platform du jour for big brands for the past few years. The ability to target ads, build apps and communicate with fans and potential customers makes it an obvious choice for online marketers. Recent changes to their EdgeRank algorithm, however, has left a sour taste in brands mouths […]

Facebook Needs More Than A Lesson From Dale Carnegie

03.06.12 Posted in advertising, Advice, facebook, social media, social networks by

Everyone last week was abuzz over Facebook’s “marketing conference” (which wasn’t really a conference but more like a day-long presser), excited about the changes that are coming to the site (and mobile app). “More visibility!”, “Better data!” and “Brands have to be storytellers now!” (which most suck at, but I’ll save that topic for another […]

Facebook’s Changes Means Digital Agencies Should Thrive

09.24.11 Posted in agencies, facebook, Social media by

Thursday the bomb was dropped at f8 that Facebook is going to be ditching the Like in favor of user actions and passive updates, meaning that when you engage with apps and have the “Add to Timeline” feature enabled it will automatically update your Timeline with what you’re doing (for an example of this, check […]

Facebook Wants To Be Your Entertainment Center

09.21.11 Posted in advertising, facebook by

Facebook’s F8 conference is taking place on Thursday and while it may be useful for developers to attend, the cats are being let out of bag left and right to get a pretty good sense of what’s going on and where the social networking giant is headed. And if you think it’s all about enhancing […]

Hackers Promise to Take Down Facebook November 5th

08.10.11 Posted in facebook, privacy, security, Social media by

Global hackers group, Anonymous, has issued a threat to take down Facebook on November 5, 2011 aka Guy Fawkes Day. While it’s well documented that I’m not a fan of going “all in” on a third party web site, this could cause major headaches for brands launching or planning to launch holiday promotions via the […]

Google Slowly Unveiling Its Social Strategy with +1

04.05.11 Posted in facebook, Google, search by

“Google makes tools for everyday life — YouTube for video (entertainment), Chat (for connecting), Gmail, Docs (for business). They all have specific features and functions. Facebook is where my friends are and the functionality is almost secondary to that.” – David Binkowski, as quoted in Tech News World on Google’s new +1 function The takeaway? […]

Facebook Deals Just Ate Foursquare’s Lunch

11.04.10 Posted in facebook, Large Blog, Mobile by

Facebook announced yesterday that they’re rolling out Deals, a location-based couponing and fund raising system. There are two types of Deals that can be had via their Places feature: coupons and charity. Basically, if consumers check in they unlock a deal or are helping to raise money for a cause. Sound familiar? It should, except […]

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