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10 Things I Learned from the AdAge Mobile Marketing Panel

09.29.07 Posted in dma, iphone, mobile marketing by

On Thursday morning a few of us attended the Digital Bytes Breakfast at the Time-Life building in Manhattan, hosted by AdAge. There’s a good recap on the AdAge site, so I won’t post it verbatim, but for those of us with ADD there are some key points worth noting, in particularly the comparisons to the […]

Are you pissed about your iPhone?

09.16.07 Posted in iphone, kool-aid by

Yeah, my friend Spike said he’s OK with the rebate and still loves ya’. But I’m not as forgiving. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a loyal Mac addict since owning my first //e in the 80′s. Maybe it’s because I tell everyone to buy your stuff, the design rocks and your products “just work”. But […]

iPhone early adopters – unite!

09.06.07 Posted in iphone, steve jobs by

So the $200 price drop has several of us early adopters pissed, to say the least. Wired has a great figure showing our “investment” depreciated by about $3 a day since launch. You can have your say, though. Apple has a section on their site where you can “Share your iPhone story“. Here’s my submission, […]

Own a piece of history – the world’s second unlocked iPhone

08.24.07 Posted in ebay, geohot, george hotz, iphone, unlocked by

George Hotz is running an Ebay auction for the world’s second unlocked iPhone. His blog details the ten steps it took to do it. This second (his person phone is the first) phone can be yours (currently) for a mere $2,175. Better yet, you could just follow the steps on his blog, unlock it yourself […]

So how do you like it?

08.04.07 Posted in iphone by

That’s the most common question I’ve been asked since getting an iPhone last month. Sure, it’s a nifty conversation piece and overall I’m pleased with it — especially since it replaces my (go ahead and laugh) 2nd gen iPod and Razr. There are a lot of features I love, like the Maps driving feature to […]

The iPhone… it’s everything!

02.12.07 Posted in iphone by


The iPhone debate continues; Apple’s already won

01.11.07 Posted in guy kawasaki, iphone, microsoft, robert scoble, seth godin by

I was mildly surprised to see Robert blasting the new iPhone, essentially comparing it side by side to other products on the marketing before declaring that it “sucks”. Conversely, Andrew Lark says he’s on board and agrees with me that it’s a game-changer. The debate over whether you love it or hate it illustrates one […]

iPhone: The cell phone killer

01.09.07 Posted in Google, iphone, macworld, steve jobs, wayne gretzky, Yahoo by

MacWorld is going on in San Francisco today (on Mac Rumors for those not in the Bay), with most investors wondering how Apple is going to recapture the growth that the iPod had. Sure, sales are steady, but it’s all about growth on the Street. Enter the iPhone. This, to me, is the “cell […]

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