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Finally! ICANN Approves .xxx Domain for Adult Sites

03.18.11 Posted in domain names, internet, Large Blog by

ICANN,the group responsible for top level domain (TLD) registration, finally approved “.xxx” for adult oriented web sites after almost a decade of waiting, according to CNN. This is the first approval in quite some time that actually makes any sense for both businesses and consumers. The TLD-controlling group had been approving frivolous domains (.me, .mobi, […]

SXSW Influencer Throwdown Recap

03.17.11 Posted in influencers, Large Blog, social media by

This past week in Austin I organized and spoke on a panel called “Influencer Throwdown: Defining and Debating Influence Once and For All” with some marketing friends. Here’s a good recap of the session and a few quotes: The panel began with some discussion around celebrities and how they are perceived as influencers.  The big […]

Google’s Latest Social Effort Takes on… Microsoft?

03.17.11 Posted in Large Blog, Uncategorized by

It seems like every time Google experiments with social folks assume it’s to take aim at Facebook. In reality, their latest collaboration feature that allows comments within Google Docs is a strike directly at Microsoft. I was quoted on this topic in today’s Ecommerce Times.

Using Celebrities To Generate Buzz Is Lazy — And It Doesn’t Work

03.07.11 Posted in advertising, influencers, Large Blog by

Those who know me know that I am not a fan of celebrity endorsements to drive brand campaigns. Yes, the celebrity gives you some fake impressions, but it doesn’t actually benefit the brand. In fact, even with the multiple publicity circuit appearances on Entertainment Tonight, the red carpet and elsewhere, only 8% of consumers only […]

Kenneth Cole Proves Any Press Is Good Press

02.08.11 Posted in guerilla marketing, Large Blog, social media, twitter by

Last week the folks at Kenneth Cole, and perhaps Kenneth Cole himself, set off a firestorm among the twitterati and mainstream media when they decided to try and hijack the “#Cairo” hashtag to promote an upcoming Spring collection. “PR blunder”, “Social media gaffe” and other forms of pseudo outrage ensued, with the media jumping on […]

Chrysler’s “Imported From Detroit” Wins the Superbowl

02.06.11 Posted in advertising, Large Blog by

Being a native Detroiter I recognize the obvious bias, but the Chrysler spot with Eminem should make every Detroiter and American feel proud. My only gripe is that they should’ve used it to showcase a more upscale car.

Just reading about News.Me and, honestly…

02.02.11 Posted in influencers, Large Blog, Social media by

Just reading about News.Me and, honestly, the notion that my Twitter followers — and no offense, folks — dictate the news to me just reinforces the lazy, gaming that Klout supports. “ is a social news reading app that presents the news that the people you follow on Twitter are reading.” Read more drivel about […]

Yesterday Was “Community Manager Day”. Now Where Are My Coupons???

01.25.11 Posted in Large Blog, social media by

Social Media Club hosted its second annual “Community Manager Day” yesterday, a time for celebrating those who have to work the front lines with consumers on behalf of their companies. For those living in a cave, a Community Manger is a person that, on behalf of their company, spends time curating, creating, listening and strategizing […]

Tell Your Clients & Brands: Facebook Ends Promotions Extortion!

11.30.10 Posted in Large Blog, Uncategorized by

All Facebook is reporting that Facebook sales reps are contacting people letting them know that promotions are no longer required to garner explicit approval from Facebook AND that there is no longer a minimum ad spend to accompany said promotions. This is hugely welcome news for brands that want to reward their fans but don’t […]

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