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Facebook Deals Just Ate Foursquare’s Lunch

11.04.10 Posted in facebook, Large Blog, Mobile by

Facebook announced yesterday that they’re rolling out Deals, a location-based couponing and fund raising system. There are two types of Deals that can be had via their Places feature: coupons and charity. Basically, if consumers check in they unlock a deal or are helping to raise money for a cause. Sound familiar? It should, except […]

Reverb Communications Busted By The FTC For Astroturfing

08.27.10 Posted in agencies, astroturfing, ethics, itunes, Large Blog by

Last year TechCrunch outed PR firm Reverb Communications for astroturfing in the iTunes app store on behalf of their clients. As it turns out, the FTC took notice and recent revealed that they settled with the firm that posted misleading reviews of their clients products. As someone that’s been intimately involved with the Word of […]

Old Spice Social Media Buzz Doesn’t Equal Sales

07.23.10 Posted in advertising, Advice, agencies, business, Large Blog, marketing, social media, twitter by

For the longest time I used to think that PR agencies didn’t get social media. “Give me impressions!” was the public relations mantra because it meant that they could easily transfer their knowledge of publication circulation multipliers into the emerging field called “social media”. Screw the long tail, screw review web sites, screw message boards […] Grasping at Straws on .co Domains

07.21.10 Posted in Advice, business, Large Blog by

For those who may’ve missed it, a new top level domain (TLD) was released yesterday called “.co”. Surprisingly, a site and magazine I respect, went with a blog post advising readers to “run, don’t walk” to buy your .co domain today. Don’t fall for it, this is yet another domain registrar ploy and is […]

Fast Company’s Influence Project Is A Complete Sham

07.08.10 Posted in advertising, business, Large Blog, marketing, social media by

For anyone following this meme on Twitter, Fast Company recently launched a site called “Influence Project”, where they’re essentially pitting online “influencers” against one another to vote for their influencer ranking. The Project is being pushed left and right on Twitter and Facebook and I’m sure elsewhere, but at this point I’ve tuned out from […]

The Corporate Anti-Social Media Policy

06.30.10 Posted in Large Blog, Opinion, social media by

A lot of discussions take place day in and day out over the use of social media in the workplace. “Is it productive?”, “Why do we need it?”, “Where’s the return?” and “Should we allow it?” have been uttered more times in board rooms and meetings than any of the bullshit bingo we all snicker […]

Five Agencies Brands Should Avoid

06.03.10 Posted in advertising, Advice, Large Blog, public relations, social media by

Yesterday I posted a piece on matchmaking between bloggers and brands that seemed to go over pretty well. Today’s focus is going to shift to the relationship between a brand and their agency. In particular, there seem to be a few tried and true ways of weeding out those who’ll constantly disappoint or, at the […]

How To Select A Blogger For Your Brand

06.02.10 Posted in advertising, Large Blog, public relations, social media by

I’ve been working online with communities for the past 6 and a half years, a time when message boards and Yahoo Groups (remember those?) were as social as it got. This was an era where blogs were the Wild Wild West and most folks weren’t too keen on the idea of companies talking to them. […]

Screw You, Seth Godin – I’d Rather Lose My Job

05.28.10 Posted in advertising, Large Blog, social media by

Those who may be familiar with Seth Godin know that he’s been a pretty good predictor of what’s coming in business and marketing. For me it started with his book Permission Marketing where, by his definition, he states that  “Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to […]

Improving the Social Media RFP

01.13.10 Posted in Advice, Large Blog, social media by

The idea for this post came from Josh Hallett’s “Sorry We Work In Different Industries” blog post. Go read it. Yesterday an agency posted their RFP criteria for companies looking to hire a social media firm. It’s self serving as all get up, but not a bad start. I’m sure the agency will undoubtedly not let […]

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