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When Will Google Get Into The Social Media Monitoring Business?

01.13.10 Posted in Google, Large Blog, monitoring, social media by

Google has long been the aggregator of data – from search to Google Analytics to Adwords/Adsense to their DNS project, the company has founded it’s business on knowing all. Given their history of “giving it away for free” and providing self-service products, the question is – when will they get into the monitoring business? Their […]

Fact: Social Media Can’t Save Your Business

01.12.10 Posted in Advice, business, Large Blog, social media by

I have been wanting to write this post for a while now after reading someone say that Dell is a case study for how companies should engage in social media. For shits and giggles I decided to look at Dell’s stock price, which once traded as high as $42 a share and now hovers around […]

Facebook Bra Color Game Revealed

01.08.10 Posted in Advice, Health, humor, Large Blog, social media by

Men, I want to bring to your attention that there’s a “viral” status update game going on via Facebook where your wife, girlfriend or female friends might change their status to a color. It’s to help women spread breast cancer awareness – and I totally get it. So let’s help play along. Update your favorite […]

David Meerman Scott Loses It Over Social Media ROI

01.07.10 Posted in Large Blog, ROI, social media by

I was passed along this mp3 interview of David Meerman Scott (h/t @judbranam) being asked what the ROI of Social Media is. He likens social media ROI to measuring billboard or TV advertising and asks “what the return is of having the gardener Guatemalan immigrants out front raking leaves of the corporate headquarters?”. The segment […]

Twitter Is Setting Marketers Up For FTC Lawsuits

12.22.09 Posted in disclosure, FTC, Large Blog, twitter by

As you know, the FTC recently published “blogger” and celebrity guidelines around disclosure. And, the most simple terms, it said that people should be able to discern whether or not you’re being compensated for talking. On a parallel track, Twitter recently changed how their functionality works. Specifically, the common practice of re-tweeting, or saying what […]

BusinessWeek Lays the Smack Down on “Social Media Experts”

12.07.09 Posted in bullshit, Large Blog, social media by

You may have missed it, but there was a wonderful article on December 3rd in BusinessWeek about social media “experts” being snake oil salesmen. It’s something those of us at agencies have wrestled with from day one – the combination of not having a job with the ability to self-publish and self-promote has opened the […]

How People Can Protect Their Reputation Online

12.02.09 Posted in Large Blog, social media by

I was recently quoted in the New York Times Gadget Blog around protecting your reputation online. Specifically, the question was if individuals with unsavory content online should delete it in an effort to hide it from potential employers. Before I give my answer I’ll give you the employer’s perspective on the question: The Employer’s Perspective […]

An Open Plea to the Marketing Community for Help

11.18.09 Posted in Large Blog, Uncategorized by

Update: Official updates from Anissa’s husband are being posted over on Aiming Low. You can also follow @aiminglow on Twitter for updates. Please help Anissa’s family by donating here. Hi everyone, I would normally never hijack my own blog for something like this but when you have the chance to help someone you just do […]

Twitter Integrates with Google, Bing and Yahoo! – Now what?

10.30.09 Posted in Large Blog, search, twitter by

Twitter finally lands a few business deals, but at what cost? [youtube=]

Truth in Advertising

10.09.09 Posted in advertising, authenticity, blogging, fraud, FTC, Google, Large Blog, quantcast, speaking by

Last week Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending, networking, connecting and speaking at the Type A Mom conference in Asheville, NC. Kelby Carr did an amazing job and I was proud to bring my clients to the conference to help support the blogging community. One of my panel sessions was called “Working […]

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