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Business Insider Gets It Wrong: Facebook Didn’t Screw An Entire Profession — It Just Backed Itself Into A Corner

12.16.13 Posted in advertising, facebook, Google, marketing, social media, twitter by

An article on Business Insider stated that because Facebook reduced the number of times brand pages would appear in users Newsfeeds that it was “screwing” an entire profession. However, for anyone who’s watched the space evolve, we know this is just the next evolution of one channel — not the end of an entire, albeit […]

Old Spice Social Media Buzz Doesn’t Equal Sales

07.23.10 Posted in advertising, Advice, agencies, business, Large Blog, marketing, social media, twitter by

For the longest time I used to think that PR agencies didn’t get social media. “Give me impressions!” was the public relations mantra because it meant that they could easily transfer their knowledge of publication circulation multipliers into the emerging field called “social media”. Screw the long tail, screw review web sites, screw message boards […]

Fast Company’s Influence Project Is A Complete Sham

07.08.10 Posted in advertising, business, Large Blog, marketing, social media by

For anyone following this meme on Twitter, Fast Company recently launched a site called “Influence Project”, where they’re essentially pitting online “influencers” against one another to vote for their influencer ranking. The Project is being pushed left and right on Twitter and Facebook and I’m sure elsewhere, but at this point I’ve tuned out from […]

RIP Social Media Expert, c. 2010

04.12.10 Posted in marketing, social media, social media experts by

I’ve been telling clients that 2010 is going to be the year of accountability as it relates to social media. This means  accountability using real numbers (read as: sales) and not fluff (read as: says we reached 2,001,450 Twitterers with those 3 re-tweets!!1!). With this accountability would come the fall of the social media […]

How you know Twitter is doomed

07.26.09 Posted in Large Blog, marketing by

Check out the launch of Twitter 101 for Businesses, aka “No, really, you should be on here!”: Talk about a horrible set up to future cost implementation. The site’s not scalable, people drop it like a bad habit and there are security flaws. Sure, my clients would be thrilled to pay for that!

Social media strategy today at large companies

07.16.09 Posted in Large Blog, marketing by

I’ve been reading a lot of posts and tweets about how companies need to “get with the times” and stop thinking about social media from a short-term perspective. BL has a post that outlines some of the short term thinking that’s gone on in the evolution and embrace of the medium. Let’s get something straight […]

2 more speaking gigs lined up: one for P…

06.21.09 Posted in ethics, Large Blog, marketing, prsa, speaking, twitter by

2 more speaking gigs lined up: one for PRSA (Advanced Twitter course) on July 16th and another at in September (24-27), 2009.

The cat’s out of the bag on this one: I…

06.10.09 Posted in Large Blog, marketing, new york, social media club by

The cat’s out of the bag on this one: I’m speaking on June 17th at the NY Social Media Club

Promoting small businesses with a blog

09.27.07 Posted in blogging, marketing, ny times, podcast, small business by

It was brought to my attention that the NY Times published an article a few weeks back about the benefits of small business blogging. They offer some great tips, so it’s definitely a worthwhile read. If you’re into the audio version you can listen to the podcast I did in April of 2006 on the […]

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