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The Corporate Anti-Social Media Policy

06.30.10 Posted in Large Blog, Opinion, social media by

A lot of discussions take place day in and day out over the use of social media in the workplace. “Is it productive?”, “Why do we need it?”, “Where’s the return?” and “Should we allow it?” have been uttered more times in board rooms and meetings than any of the bullshit bingo we all snicker […]

SXSW: Productive gathering or just a big party?

03.09.10 Posted in Opinion, social media by

I’ll be heading down to Austin, Texas later this week to attend and be a panelist at my first South by Southwest (SXSW) conference. I am substituting for a sister agency’s social media VP, and after having my panel idea about word of mouth marketing not make the cut it’s ironic that the opportunity to […]

Note to the Media: Please Stop Quoting Twitter

02.22.10 Posted in Advice, Opinion, Rant, twitter by

I’m sure you’ve noticed a recent phenomenon in the main stream media. It’s something that typically happens whenever a quote is needed for a story. It goes something like this:

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