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Five Agencies Brands Should Avoid

06.03.10 Posted in advertising, Advice, Large Blog, public relations, social media by

Yesterday I posted a piece on matchmaking between bloggers and brands that seemed to go over pretty well. Today’s focus is going to shift to the relationship between a brand and their agency. In particular, there seem to be a few tried and true ways of weeding out those who’ll constantly disappoint or, at the […]

How To Select A Blogger For Your Brand

06.02.10 Posted in advertising, Large Blog, public relations, social media by

I’ve been working online with communities for the past 6 and a half years, a time when message boards and Yahoo Groups (remember those?) were as social as it got. This was an era where blogs were the Wild Wild West and most folks weren’t too keen on the idea of companies talking to them. […]

A Great Debate on Gaming the System: Social Media Shilling

01.19.10 Posted in public relations, social media, twitter by

There’s a good discussion going on Twitter right now about social media shilling, aka “please tweet (blog, lifestream, status update, fan, etc.) this for a client” and the big “what if big agencies did this” en masse. Todd Defren started it off with his post called “Slippery Slope“. Laurel Hart, an adjunct instructor at NYU, […]

The New Breed of PR

06.24.08 Posted in Large Blog, public relations, social media by

Last week I spoke at the Council of PR Firms “Internfest” on a panel about being a “Specialist” in a PR firm. The lovely Melinda Zurich followed up the presentation with a few questions, which I’ve answered below, for their weekly email. I wanted to write about how this new breed of young PR professionals […]

A week’s worth of random thoughts

06.04.07 Posted in Gmail, Google, public relations, riaa, twitter, university of michigan, vocus, Yahoo by

If I thought anyone read Twitter posts (no long tail on this one, folks) I would have thrown these on there. Regardless, here are a few nuggets from the past week or so: 1. The RIAA sued more University of Michigan students last week by IP address. The U issued a response that they were […]

Twitter causes you to start drinking

04.21.07 Posted in Edelman, PC Magazine, public relations, steve rubel, twitter by

Steve Twittered something that he regrets and has offered an apology. Two things I don’t believe about it: 1. Unlike the Twitter post, it’s a late, calculated response, and 2. Unless he’s trying to emulate his CEO, Steve doesn’t drink. Now I’m no PR guy, but common sense would tell you that it’s probably not […]

Forbes released Web celeb Top 25, “regular” people say “Who?”

01.25.07 Posted in advertising, forbes, lonelygirl15, marketing, public relations by

I’ve spent the past week in New York and would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the noise in the city. I’m not talking about the cars (although the liberal use of the car horn is a bit much), I’m talking about the ads. Specifically the Times Square and Midtown area. The subway cars, […]

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