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Business Insider Gets It Wrong: Facebook Didn’t Screw An Entire Profession — It Just Backed Itself Into A Corner

12.16.13 Posted in advertising, facebook, Google, marketing, social media, twitter by

An article on Business Insider stated that because Facebook reduced the number of times brand pages would appear in users Newsfeeds that it was “screwing” an entire profession. However, for anyone who’s watched the space evolve, we know this is just the next evolution of one channel — not the end of an entire, albeit […]

What Brands Can Learn From the Government

05.17.13 Posted in best practices, social media, twitter by

A crazy notion, right? But today marks an epic unusual complete waste of time absurd day in American politics, where the House is voting for the 37th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act. With that, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has taken to Twitter to ask #tcot (Top Conservatives On Twitter) what they think […]

Time To Make The Donuts: Fixing the Social Media Content Creation Model

12.04.12 Posted in content, insights, social media by

The world of social media moves fast. Brands buy in to the concept that they must publish daily (some multpile times per day), sometimes with the help of an agency, and keep detailed content calendars that are used to schedule and keep posts on track across networks. This is not uncommon and has become the […]

#SullivanTweetup To Be Held November 16, 2012

11.08.12 Posted in social media, twitter by

We wanted to make sure we were truly supporting Sullivan County so we moved it to Friday at 6 PM as to not have conflicts with other events going on in the community. Join us by RSVPing on Eventbrite.  

Small Businesses Are Hacking Facebook

06.11.12 Posted in facebook, small business, social media by

It’s not news that Facebook has been the platform du jour for big brands for the past few years. The ability to target ads, build apps and communicate with fans and potential customers makes it an obvious choice for online marketers. Recent changes to their EdgeRank algorithm, however, has left a sour taste in brands mouths […]

Facebook Needs More Than A Lesson From Dale Carnegie

03.06.12 Posted in advertising, Advice, facebook, social media, social networks by

Everyone last week was abuzz over Facebook’s “marketing conference” (which wasn’t really a conference but more like a day-long presser), excited about the changes that are coming to the site (and mobile app). “More visibility!”, “Better data!” and “Brands have to be storytellers now!” (which most suck at, but I’ll save that topic for another […]

Recent Study Proves A Point We’ve Preaching For A While: Social Media Can’t Save a Bad Product

11.24.11 Posted in Advice, direct mail, research, social media by

A recent Pitney Bowes survey reveals that only 18% of consumers believed that engaging with a larger company or its brands on social media would encourage a repeat purchase. While I believe the study is mildly loaded — Pitney Bowes’s core business is in postage meters and direct mail — there’s a strong takeaway for […]

Large Media’s David Binkowski To Speak on Social Media ROI, Value and Justification

08.16.11 Posted in conferences, social media, speaking by

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked and have accepted to speak at the ACI Social Media Conference in New York City on October 26-27, 2011. I’m going to be on a panel with the industry’s brightest and best to discuss a topic that’s been a hot button for most companies: Measuring Social Media’s […]

Why Do People Follow Brands?

07.26.11 Posted in social media by

One of the biggest questions brands struggle with is how to utilize social media channels. In particular, we quite often are asked (and see) as to what type of content to post on their social media channels. The issue is that most brands want to see immediate return on their investments in social media, so […]

Why Social Media Is “Over”

07.25.11 Posted in Mobile, social media, technology by

This past weekend I caught some amazing insights from a Facebook investor (and musician!) who hit the nail — or multiple nails — on the head regarding social media and where this is all going. To be clear, I’ve never been a fan of being a “social media expert”. It’s well documented that specializing in […]

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