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Facebook Rabbit Punches Google with “Graph Search”

01.16.13 Posted in facebook, Google, search, social networks by

Yesterday Facebook announced “Graph Search“, which will bring you search results from your friends as well as the ability to connect with likeminded people. While Facebook has a lot of data on you and your friends, and it has great potential, the product is still in beta and will need a lot of work to […]

Facebook Needs More Than A Lesson From Dale Carnegie

03.06.12 Posted in advertising, Advice, facebook, social media, social networks by

Everyone last week was abuzz over Facebook’s “marketing conference” (which wasn’t really a conference but more like a day-long presser), excited about the changes that are coming to the site (and mobile app). “More visibility!”, “Better data!” and “Brands have to be storytellers now!” (which most suck at, but I’ll save that topic for another […]

What the Twitterfication of Facebook Means

03.14.09 Posted in facebook, Large Blog, microblogging, social networks, twitter by

Facebook unveiled their new home page Wednesday and I have to say – it’s awfully Twitteresque. The center well, or “stream”, of content on the page is now an ajaxy, auto-updating time line of your network’s status updates. The language at the top has changed as well, from “David Binkowski is” to “What’s on your […]

Webkinz re-introducing banner ads

05.29.08 Posted in banner ads, disney, ganz, Large Blog, neopets, privacy, social networks, webkinz by

Parents, lock up your (kids) privacy – Webkinz is reintroducing banner ads back into their site. If you recall back in December, the kids plush-toy-based-social network tried pushing banners for Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie and saw considerable backlash from parents. What’s different this time? Akin to Facebook’s privacy settings, Webkinz has added/changed the “My Pets” […]

Top Digg Users: “It’s really not about the community”

01.25.08 Posted in communities, digg, Google, jason calacanis, Large Blog, lord of the flies, netscape, social networks by

The NY Times has a great article on a battle raging over on Digg between the site operators and some “Power Users” on the site. Digg, for those unfamiliar, is a social news site. What does that mean? Basically, people find stuff from around the web, including news stories, blog posts, photos and video, submit […]

Ethics, Social Networks and Make up

01.03.08 Posted in blogger ethics, disclosure, facebook, Large Blog, loren feldman, myspace, plaxo, robert scoble, social networks, twitter, word of mouth by

After watching Loren Feldman’s live show tonight, I’ve decided that I don’t want to bother discussing the Facebook/Robert Scoble incident. There’s nothing more to say than this – the site has terms of service and if you break them you can get your account deleted. Or in this case suspended and then reinstated. And Plaxo […]

MySpace copies Facebook; I say to CMOs:” “Don’t be ‘that guy’”

07.14.07 Posted in droz, facebook, jeremy piven, myspace, pcu, second life, social networks, twitter by

Trying to reverse the trend in membership, MySpace has added a new box to display members’ “status” and “mood”. Um, like, when did the 100MM social networking site become the “me too” of social networking sites? Oh, that’s right — when News Corp bought it. It’s so bad that people that’ve left MySpace for Facebook […]

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