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Business Insider Gets It Wrong: Facebook Didn’t Screw An Entire Profession — It Just Backed Itself Into A Corner

12.16.13 Posted in advertising, facebook, Google, marketing, social media, twitter by

An article on Business Insider stated that because Facebook reduced the number of times brand pages would appear in users Newsfeeds that it was “screwing” an entire profession. However, for anyone who’s watched the space evolve, we know this is just the next evolution of one channel — not the end of an entire, albeit […]

Twitter’s Latest Problem: Fake Interaction from Bots

06.03.13 Posted in spam, twitter by

Twitter has been on quite a tear over the past several months, deleting fake accounts as they pop up. However, the game of cat and mouse just took a whole new turn. Check out the image below: Notice something? Two of the last three of the “favorited” tweets came from spammers. Here are their profiles: […]

What Brands Can Learn From the Government

05.17.13 Posted in best practices, social media, twitter by

A crazy notion, right? But today marks an epic unusual complete waste of time absurd day in American politics, where the House is voting for the 37th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act. With that, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has taken to Twitter to ask #tcot (Top Conservatives On Twitter) what they think […]

Burger King’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked, Kills Lame Excuse for Brands/Agencies

02.18.13 Posted in Social media, twitter by

Today Anonymous is claiming responsibility for hacking Burger King’s Twitter account, disparaging the brand’s feed, products, and even posting photos of their top competitor as their logo, background image and fake product integrations (e.g. McDonald’s Whopper). The real question isn’t “How did this happen?”, the question is “Why did this happen?”. As a former “big agency” guy, […]

#SullivanTweetup To Be Held November 16, 2012

11.08.12 Posted in social media, twitter by

We wanted to make sure we were truly supporting Sullivan County so we moved it to Friday at 6 PM as to not have conflicts with other events going on in the community. Join us by RSVPing on Eventbrite.  

Green Door Magazine & Large Media To Hold Sullivan County Tweet Up

10.19.12 Posted in twitter by

First-ever Sullivan County Twitter gathering at Dancing Cat Distillery to attract social media fanatics from the Catskill region ** UPDATED 11/8/2012 ** ** DUE TO POWER OUTAGES THE TWEETUP HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FOR NOVEMBER 1516, 2012 ** GLEN SPEY, NY — October 19, 2012 — Green Door Magazine and Large Media will hold Sullivan County’s […]

Fake Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers — And the Implications for Brands

09.18.12 Posted in advertising, agencies, ethics, facebook, twitter by

There’s been a lot of talk about Twitter followers lately, including both presidential candidates, celebrities, musicians and the like utilizing services to game their numbers. Specifically, a lot of the “Top 10″ have been found to have a substantial amount of fake followers, in some case to the point where 70% of their following is […]

As Predicted, iOS Brings Twitter to the Masses

06.02.12 Posted in apple, twitter by

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo recently revealed some startling numbers about the microblogging service at Web 2.0 in San Francisco that will blow your mind. 250 million tweets are being generated each day, new user signups increased at a 3x rate thanks to integration with Apple’s iOS, and 50% of their user base is publishing daily. […]

Kenneth Cole Proves Any Press Is Good Press

02.08.11 Posted in guerilla marketing, Large Blog, social media, twitter by

Last week the folks at Kenneth Cole, and perhaps Kenneth Cole himself, set off a firestorm among the twitterati and mainstream media when they decided to try and hijack the “#Cairo” hashtag to promote an upcoming Spring collection. “PR blunder”, “Social media gaffe” and other forms of pseudo outrage ensued, with the media jumping on […]

Old Spice Social Media Buzz Doesn’t Equal Sales

07.23.10 Posted in advertising, Advice, agencies, business, Large Blog, marketing, social media, twitter by

For the longest time I used to think that PR agencies didn’t get social media. “Give me impressions!” was the public relations mantra because it meant that they could easily transfer their knowledge of publication circulation multipliers into the emerging field called “social media”. Screw the long tail, screw review web sites, screw message boards […]

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