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The Psychology of Color — and How It Impacts Your Web Site

07.18.11 Posted in usability, web design by

BusinessInsider has published some research from KISSMetrics about consumers, your web site and how color and appearance can help with purchase and brand recognition. Some interesting facts from the study include:  

You forgot Poland blogs

04.30.07 Posted in blogging, driving traffic, seo, usability, wall street journal, web design by

Today’s Journal has a special section on how to drive traffic to your website, and it omits the use of blogs as tool for SEO and building loyalty. In fact, most of the articles in the section seem like they’re straight out of 1999. If they want to help business owners they should have included […]

We don’t have it vs. We used to have it

03.12.07 Posted in macys, usability by

My Banana Republic jeans were starting to get a hole in the right knee and has luck would have it a 15% off card came in the mail from the aforementioned brand. I went to their web site and here’s what turns up when you search for a 36×36 jean: Hmm. Nothing in my size. […]

Detroit News gets lazy on their web site redesign

02.16.07 Posted in usability, web design by

Not to be too simplistic, but most web design efforts involve looking at how your current web site is being used via log file analysis, what new technologies exist that users may want and finally user surveys. So I know that web groups solicit feedback, but this is just ridiculous: We’re in the first stages […]

Ebay, meet AJAX. AJAX, meet Ebay.

01.16.07 Posted in ebay, usability by

Today the format for listing items on Ebay has changed; rather than having multiple screens for the process, by using AJAX they’ve simplified the process by allowing you to search for the category rather than scroll through several, and once selected putting the usual 5 step process into one dynamic screen. Helpful? You bet. I […]

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