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Advertising is not word of mouth marketing

08.27.07 Posted in pay per post, wall street journal, word of mouth marketing by

I’m going to bite and actually blog about this because I want to shed some light on how bloggers are screwing themselves for a few dollars as well as debunk a claim on WOM by advertisers. An article in the WSJ has me laughing this morning. It’s about search company Apogee, who’s using Pay Per […]

You forgot Poland blogs

04.30.07 Posted in blogging, driving traffic, seo, usability, wall street journal, web design by

Today’s Journal has a special section on how to drive traffic to your website, and it omits the use of blogs as tool for SEO and building loyalty. In fact, most of the articles in the section seem like they’re straight out of 1999. If they want to help business owners they should have included […]

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