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Friday Night Fun with Social Media Taglines

09.15.07 Posted in blogger, digg, facebook, flickr, myspace, web 2.0, wikipedia, YouTube by

I thought this would be a fun exercise is un-spinning the spin of the various 2.0 properties that’ve popped up over the past few years. It’s pretty simple — Take a web property and assign a tagline based on it’s actual use, not what they came up with. Here are a few examples to get […]

LMAO @ Jakob Nielsen

07.11.07 Posted in blogging, gm, jakob nielsen, sun, wikipedia by

I’m going to make this short and sweet just to prove a point: Jakob Nielsen has lost it. You can stop reading now since you’re stupid and aren’t considering buying anything based on reading a blog. That’s basically the point of Jakob’s article – blogging isn’t worth a company’s time. I need to preface this […]

Reggie Bush, you’re next

04.28.07 Posted in gaming, golden state warriors, john madden, mark cuban, new orleans, PR, reggie bush, wikipedia by

If you’re anything like me, you probably try to get in a few hours of gaming per week in between the billion and a half other responsibilities you have. I was just watching NBA Playoffs between the Cube’s Mavs and the Warriors and an ad for the new Madden came out. Madden 08 with Reggie […]

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