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FTC takes on blogger compensation, among other things

01.28.09 Posted in brandweek, chris brogan, ethics, FTC, izea, kmart, Large Blog, walter carl, word of mouth by

Brandweek has a heads up on some interesting developments going on at the FTC. As you know, the EU implemented some rules back in 2007 regarding fake bloggers and astroturfing, with fines and possible jail time as a consequence for engaging in devious practices. Don’t look now, but the FTC is looking to take actions […]

Product reviews in 160 characters or less

07.29.08 Posted in guy kawasaki, Large Blog, techcrunch, word of mouth by

Move over long form reviews, there’s a new player in town. Via TechCrunch, a new service launched this week called Blippr, which is a product review web site that limits reviews to 160 characters. When I first read about it I thought “there is no way it will work”, but after trying out the site […]

Ethics, Social Networks and Make up

01.03.08 Posted in blogger ethics, disclosure, facebook, Large Blog, loren feldman, myspace, plaxo, robert scoble, social networks, twitter, word of mouth by

After watching Loren Feldman’s live show tonight, I’ve decided that I don’t want to bother discussing the Facebook/Robert Scoble incident. There’s nothing more to say than this – the site has terms of service and if you break them you can get your account deleted. Or in this case suspended and then reinstated. And Plaxo […]

Congratulations 2007 WOMMIE Award Winners!

11.02.07 Posted in quicken loans, WOMMA, WOMMIE, word of mouth by

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association announced the second WOMMIE Award winners the other day leading up to the 3rd Annual WOMMA Summit taking place in a few weeks in Las Vegas. What’s a WOMMIE? The WOMMIEs are given to “reward amazing word of mouth campaigns and the smart people who create them.” We were […]

PayPerPost censors bloggers

10.25.07 Posted in authenticity, blogger ethics, payperpost, posties, transparency, WOMMA, word of mouth by

Reading a recent thread by a mom blogger on the PayPerPost message board has revealed a shocking revelation: PayPerPost will not let it’s employees, or “Posties” as they’re called, write about anything they don’t purchase. Full disclosure: This was brought to my attention because a colleague worked on a recent campaign and was emailed by […]

Word of mouth and the internet go together like peas and carrots

07.04.07 Posted in digg, emarketer, internet, word of mouth by

Anyone who’s anyone in this industry knows the power of the internet and word of mouth. This is more than just a YouTube video being passed around, however clearly the dollars, attention, campaigns, user, jeez – it looks like this whole internet thing is popular and measurable. Via BazaarVoice, eMarketer published a report yesterday saying […]

A handy-dandy WOM chart for your organization

02.15.07 Posted in northeastern university, walter carl, word of mouth by

Courtesy of Dr. Walter Carl of Northeastern University comes this great chart to align Word of Mouth activities with objectives.

Is the future of WOM “Connected Marketing”?

02.12.07 Posted in northeastern university, walter carl, WOMMA, word of mouth by

Want to know where it’s headed? Just read this interview with Dr. Walter Carl, Assistant Professor at Northeastern University. Here he’s been asked by the authors of a new book called “Connected Marketing” to comment on their predictions for word of mouth marketing. Walter is on the Advisory Board of WOMMA, of which I am […]

Lucy, you got some ‘splaining to do!

01.28.07 Posted in advertising, automotive, word of mouth by

From the almighty Church, Joe Pilotta from Big Research released data last week that made me cry laugh concerned. It says that the percent of media spending by the auto industry breaks down like this: TV (47%), newspaper (30%) and magazine (11.3%). The crazy part to this is that 30.4% of the 15,000 respondents said […]

Word of mouth drives Scoble to Saturn

01.20.07 Posted in robert scoble, saturn aura, word of mouth by

Robert admitted on his blog that it was word of mouth that drove him to purchase a new Saturn Aura. In fact, he was actually invited to the local Saturn dealership after someone at the dealership read his blog. And Saturn was a sponsor at BlogHer last year (see pics of my Blogworks cohort Lish […]

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